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some guy
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I am a good many things, many of which good. Those which are not, I'm at least good at.

The old description was probably better. Here's that:
My past and present are just workin' towards the future. I'm not who I was, nor am I who I was going to be. I'd just as soon forget who I am now - the important thing is who I will become. And frankly, that's subject to change.

Give me something to do, and we'll both know who I am.

I'm also in selfdenial, if you'd like to read about my dieting efforts.
3d animation, 3d studio max, altruism, ambiguity, analysis, animation, anti-consumerism, apathy, autostereoscopic lenticular displays, bad movies, bad music, banjo, bela fleck, bert and ernie, big bird, binocular parallax, blue's clues, boredom, bruce campbell, challenge, chastity, cirque du soleil, clairvoyance, commitment, community service, composing, creating, creativity, daniel quinn, desperation, directing, drama, drawing, dvds, dying alone, empathy, family, flute, foreign films, free will, friends, fruityloops, frustration, games, graph paper, graphic novels, graphics, guilt, helping people, hippos, honesty, hope, hopelessness, humor, ideas, illustrating, improvement, independant films, inertia, innovation, insomnia, introspection, intuition, invisibility, irony, ishmael, jackie chan, jim henson, karma, kaydara motionbuilder, keyboards, local bands, loneliness, love, lust, making a difference, manipulation, mind control, money, mr. show, muppets, musical theater, muzak, nanowrimo, new technology, nusrat fateh ali khan, office supplies, open minds, optimism, options, originality, oscar the grouch, painting, parody, pathos, pens, perfection, pessimism, philosophy, photoshop, piano, playwriting, problem solving, programming, puzzles, questions, responsibility, rotary international, rumiko takahashi, sam raimi, satire, saving the world, seclusion, self improvement, sesame street, slam evil!, sleep, social change, social criticism, stagnation, stereopsis, superstition, synth, telepathy, tetris, the corrs, the impossible dream, theater, time travel, trombone, wonder, world domination, writing, zbrush