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collusion course

As of ninety minutes ago ago, Microsoft discontinued support for Windows 98, 98SE, Windows ME, and Windows XP Service Pack 1, specifically in the area of security updates. It's a scary world out there, and the door's wide open to anyone who hasn't paid their protection money.

Thankfully, third-party solutions such as ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite are here to fill in the gap, right?

Hey, wait a minute.

I guess ZoneLabs figured it wouldn't be sporting of them to take your subscription money under the circumstances. Too easy. Who wants to get rich that way?

Let it be known: a line has been crossed.
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Youth is also wasted on the old.

I went to Golf 'n Stuff in the middle of the work day, because I can.

And then I left again, because I had no reason to be there.

I remember whole weeks spent planning a visit to that place. Now I just go on a whim, and can't see the point.


(stay tuned, true believers. next entry, I get some karmic retribution!)
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denying the inevitable

It's been suggested that I should perhaps be more cautious about what I post in public. To which I laughed. My journal's anonymous, after all. What do I have to worry about?

And then I remembered three seperate forums where I'm not anonymous, which link back here in my signature. And since we've established the bosses are spying on people, it seems pretty likely that a five-second google search has already brought 'em here.

Ah well.

I'm actually not hiding anything from them. I'm not volunteering any thoughts or feelings, but that's mostly because I haven't worked them out completely. Here's what I've got so far:

There are days where I am horribly over-worked, and there are days when nobody cares what I'm doing. The latter, I used to spend proactively looking for problems to fix. But then the workplace went virtual, and I lost the ability to see where everyone was struggling. I can't be as involved - it's not possible. I told them that when they made the decision to close the old office. But I also promised to give the arrangement a chance before I quit. Which is where my post yesterday comes in.

I've been feeling restless, like I'm chained to the desk. And now that I'm the only employee left, it's a solitary confinement. I don't have to give that a chance -- I know I can't take it. But there's also an opportunity if you can see past that. With the right technology, it all opens up. I can travel, I can go shopping, I can spend all day at the DMV without disrupting my work schedule or the steady income which goes with it. That has value.

So, I don't enjoy my job anymore. Big deal -- I can reduce it to a minor nuisance. The employers get what they need out of me, I get to pay rent every month, and everybody wins.

At least, that's the theory. We'll get there, though.
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I'm beginning to like this age of connectivity.

Without leaving bed this morning, I reached for my cellphone and used it to clock in at work. I turned on Instant Messenger for my work account. And I went back to sleep.

I took my time shaving later. Tried on a few outfits. Sat down and had some breakfast. I checked my work e-mail a few times in there. Nobody wrote me.

When I was good and ready, I started walking towards the office, catching up on my LiveJournal friends list along the way.

Halfway there, I saw that a friend was hanging out at Starbucks. It would be rude of me not to say hi.

Two hours later, the boss actually needed something. I told them I'd just left for lunch, and that I'd help them when I got back.

This seemed like a good time to break for lunch, so my friend and I headed out.

I wrote a few e-mails from the table, suggesting alternatives to me working, in case they were in a hurry. But there was one task I couldn't unload, so after a long and satisfying meal, I showed actually walked into the office.

Ten minutes later, I was done with that.

The boss wrote in to say they needed something else, but that they were on a call and would have to get back to me with instructions.

They didn't.

I went home.
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How things are at work

My last remaining co-worker (their two-weeks notice isn't over yet) tells me that one of the partners just replied to an e-mail they weren't CC'd on.

Someone's abusing their control of the mail server.
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Good word, though!

I just used the word "acumen."

Not in a sentence, mind you. Nor technically in it's proper context. I'm alone at my desk, and the word reached my lips completely unbidden.

It sounded impressive, so I figured I'd share.

Perhaps I've lost it.
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Let's make it happen.

I want to build a sand castle in outer space. Why haven't astronauts done this? Are they stupid?

They'd need sand for that. And water.

I'm not saying it's without challenge.
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Welcome to the future.

So, damn the consequences, I've been testing the theory that whipped cream makes everything better.

Consider that statement for a moment. The purity. The universal truth. Whipped Cream... makes everything better.

That's a lie, it turns out. One doesn't have to go much further than "roast beef" to discover this, but I'm here to report that "Chocolate Lucky Charms" mixed in equal proportions with the whipped cream is, in fact, the best thing ever.

And now you know.
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reconciling memory

I can never remember the word "reconcile."

In fact, nine times out of ten, if I'm struggling for a word, that's the one I'm looking for. Not because it comes up so often, but because I'm able to remember words which aren't "reconcile" better than words that are.

You'd think it would stick. I recognize the situation, think back to other times I've faced it, other ways I've had to describe the term or convey it's meaning so someone else could tell me. But in the moment, I can't remember the answer they came up with.

Nor, I should add, are my friends and family any use. I tell them "At some point in the near future, I'm going to forget a word and rely on you to remember it. That word is reconcile." But then when it comes up, they only have a vague memory of thinking that was a joke they didn't get.

If this post seems familiar, it's probably because I've made it before, hoping the "Memory" feature of LJ would save me next time. Didn't work then. No reason to think it'll work now. But that's the theme, isn't it: I never learn.