self portrait (escher)

Loopy McSleepDeprived

Half asleep, I click on the little search window in my web browser and wait for my fingers to type something interesting.

They don't.

Instead, a voice rises in my throat.

    "Truth or dare."

It is a challenge to the universe.

    "Truth or dare, Google."

Okay... Not the universe.
It is a challenge to the search engine.

Google, for its part, ignores me. Perhaps because my computer's not equipped for speech recognition. Or perhaps because, in the grand scheme of things, they have better things to do.

Bed time.
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self portrait (escher)

this mirror has poor reflexes

I just spent the past hour trying to draw a realistic self-portrait for an online drawing class. It looks nothing like me. I don't think I'll be showing that to you anytime soon.

I have to say, it took a surprisingly long time to find a mirror I could reference at my desk. Like, three days. It's just not something I've ever shopped for before. They apparently live in the makeup aisle of pharmacies. Among other fanciful inventions I've never laid eyes upon.

In related news, handheld mirrors make your arm hurt after an hour or so. A lot.

Also, waking up at 5am to take your roommate to the airport makes your head hurt after no time at all.

And dreading a long work day apparently makes one show up late for it, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I want to sleep again.
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self portrait (escher)

12-15 buses and 4 trains

There are days when it's good to be me.

I can't remember any, but I'm still sure that's true. Yay for delusion, huh?

Anyway... If y'all elected to be me this morning, I sincerely apologize. They should have warned you. Come back tomorrow and we'll try to do better?
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self portrait (escher)

Karma with a C

Left the office at 7:30 last night. Got home at a quarter to midnight. On a good day, my commute's less than two hours. Clearly, this wasn't one of those.

All I can figure is that in a past life, I must have killed a bus driver.

Sorry about that.
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self portrait (escher)

and the pants ran away with the iPod

It's never what you expect to go missing...

It's raining this morning, so today, "business casual" means two sweaters, a vest, and two jackets. If I could find my gloves, scarf and hat, I'd have donned those as well. I figure the sun'll come out by noon just to spite me, so for the rest of you, you're welcome.

Miraculously, there's not so much traffic, and enough busses to serve everyone. I won't say it's pleasant, but I thought I'd be be entirely miserable by now. It's good to be wrong.

I'm also pleased to confirm that my shoes are relatively water resistant. I somehow managed to avoid this test with my last pair, but they'd not have faired so well. A well justified expense, I'll say.

Anyway, this is my stop. Y'all have a lovely morning!
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self portrait (escher)

Getting back to what's important.

"World Wide Web" has three syllables.

"WWW" has nine.

That's like the worst acronym ever.

Think about it the next time you hear someone spell out a URL on a TV or radio ad. We could have used any prefix imaginable to identify webservers in a domain, and the standard we settled on is "www" (as opposed to, say, "web").

This offends my sensibilities, and I'm counting on you to avenge them.


From now on, "WWW" is voiced; not spelled. It's a long drawling "W" sound.

"WWW" rhymes with "Duh"

We may need T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers to remind people.
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