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Hey, where'd everyone go?

Just saw Daredevil, which I enjoyed quite a bit despite some nagging concerns over the general displacement of air throughout the film.

Afterwards, the traditional standing around discussing it didn't happen, as I exited the restroom and found no sign of my friends. Checked the arcade, checked the parking lot for their cars, checked my voicemail, and went home.

There had been talk of a bar earlier, but for them to make it before last call would have been an act of desperation bordering on alcoholism. Too much effort with too little to gain. And I joke about this from time to time, but the fact is, the claim that it's about spending time with your friends falls apart the moment it interferes with that. When drinking pulls you away from a social gathering, you can't call it social drinking. The need comes from somewhere else.

Ah well. It was a mistake for me to stay out this long. Another hour or two wouldn't have done anybody any good, so I guess they saved me from myself in their own negligent little way.

Goin' to sleep now.
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