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Got another family party today, this one at my grandparents' place.

In preparation, my grandmother decided to dust off her nice serving tray last night. She had to stand on a chair to reach it's shelf, which is apparently something you shouldn't do if your bones are horribly brittle and the chair not as stable as you were expecting.

My grandfather came home and found her on the floor a few hours later, which is really the most horrifying part of all this. I keep picturing her lying there, thinking "this sucks" as she waits for someone to find her.
(well, okay, my mental image is a little more intense, but I didn't feel like forcing that on you. you're welcome)

She's in the hospital now, heavily drugged and awaiting surgery. Broken hip. Fortunately, it looks fixable, so they won't have to replace it. (My other grandmother's slowly turning into Robocop. Don't need two cyborgs in the family!)

Anyway, you'll notice that my first sentence was present-tense. No error - the party's still happening. It just won't have the same energy.

Leaving now for that. Life is strange.
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