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why not let the writers handle their own PR?

I've been looking forward to Clone High since Comic-Con last year (where it's creators showed the pilot to a half-empty but appreciative audience). If you haven't seen it, the premise is as follows:
    A secret government organization dug up DNA samples from the world's past leaders, and cloned them to create an unstoppable army. But their training was delegated to the lowest bidder, so the clones are pretty much left to their own devices in an American high school.
The show jumps back and forth between poking fun at history and pop culture, but always grounded in the framework of a WB Teen Drama.

There's much to love. ...or hate. Either way, much.

One of the running themes is that these people may or may not have grown into their historical personas. They know the public perception of who they once were, and sometimes try to hard to become that. But times have changed, and they're the product of their environment as much as genetics. The most notable change is Gandhi, who, raised now in this land of excess and crumbling values, has become a total hedonist.

It should surprise no one that this has offended people. But in my mind, it's not about making the man look bad. On the contrary, it's a scathing criticism of a world that used to bring out the best in people. If born today and treated to a typical childhood, would he be half the man he was?

It's irreverent, sure, but there's a certain love and respect you have to achieve before the joke works. You have to appreciate who he was, or it isn't funny.

That said, here's the response I read in today's paper:
    "MTV US apologizes if we have offended the people of India and the memory of Mahatma Gandhi," the music channel said in a statement faxed to news media. "MTV US wants to make it clear that 'Clone High' was created and intended for an American audience."
...if you didn't catch that, let me paraphrase:
    "Yes, the show is offensive to certain people. But they weren't even supposed to see it."
...and that fixes everything. Thanks, MTV!

Seriously, there's bound to be an opening in Viacom's PR department tomorrow. Can I have their job?
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