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grassroots efforts are lame.

As I was driving home from work today, I drove past a protest rally at the government center. Their slogans weren't terribly inventive or memorable; just things like "No War in Iraq", and "War is bad." There was no passion in their eyes, no conviction in their stance. It was as though someone invited them to stand there, but didn't bother to show up themselves.

So I gave it some thought, and here's what I came up with:
    They don't make those decisions here.
It's the county government center, folks. International policy happens on a much higher level. I mean, sure, if we were considering a preemptive attack on Simi Valley to secure Oxnard's resources for ourselves, that's the place to make your voice heard. But for something this big, you probably need to get on a plane and head to Washington.

They have to know this, right?

So, why are they here?

Because it represents the minimal effort necessary to placate their conscience.

Worthless or not, they've done their part.


Dissent isn't supposed to be routine. It's a special occasion. You're standing up to oppressors, facing off against authority. How can you just go through the motions with something like that?

Seriously - if there isn't just the tiniest thrill in it for you, go home. It's cold outside.
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