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backhanded racism - at least no one watched it.

Buffy didn't air tonight, so my VCR picked up UPN's Funky Flubs in it's place. The premise is fairly simple: Cross-promote your whole line of shows by culling together their outtakes. Only, UPN took it a step further. They had an agenda; a target demographic. They tried to promote some shows more than others. Which is all well and good, except it casually knocked the civil rights movement back a few years.

The message UPN sent out in this broadcast is that White actors make less embarassing mistakes. They know their lines, they're professional on the set. There is nothing bad to say about 'em. In fact, the producers of this show were forced to dig into the vaults for 70s gameshow footage as a sort of Affirmative Action when the only three mistakes that ever took place on the set of Enterprise didn't fill enough screentime.

(Let me assure you, if my sarcasm wasn't thick enough, that none of that last paragraph is in any way true. It's just the undercurrent present in tonight's programming...)

** sigh **

They probably meant well.
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