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Christmas in the Zone

Got up. Ate breakfast. Went back to sleep.

Got up. Ate lunch. Went back to sleep.

Got up. It's 4 now. Too early for dinner.

It's surreal. I uninvited myself from the family party so I could get some work done. And outside of that, nobody expects anything from me today.

Seriously, the phone hasn't rang, no faxes have come in.. The only e-mail I've recieved today came from a computer about 60 feet away from where I'm sitting. The only visible signs of life are pre-recorded, coming through the television or online journals and BBS activity.

Anyway, I'm as well-rested as I'm going to be, and starting to get restless. I need to assure myself I haven't woken up in another Twilight Zone episode. (With the new episodes in color, it's harder to tell) Though, that would be a nostalgic throwback to Christmas Past - I miss the all day Twilight Zone Marathon.

Ah well. Productivity can wait - it's time to stir things up.
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