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I'm at home right now, taking my first sick-day from work.

...and not just from this job. I'm pretty sure this is the first sick-day I've ever taken from work.

It doesn't feel good.

On the other hand, I can maybe do some banking, switch off our static IP addresses, and generally take care of things that have to be done during the business day (which usually means my lunch break).

Plus, there's that whole sleeping thing, which I did a lot of this weekend but evidently need more. That's definitely a large part of the day's agenda. In fact, I'll get right on that now.

(This is almost a fun illness, though. I'm all wobbly when I stand up, and the world does nifty funhouse things. I told the office I'd be up for phone support if they need anything, but that driving would be an exceptionally bad idea...)
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