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I never did get around to mentioning this, did I?


National Novel Writing Month is over, and I couldn't have failed more spectacularly to finish in time.

...or so I thought.

Turns out 8,273 people did worse than me. And only 2,025 actually made their goal. I mean, if you ignore the 4,534 people in between there, I came really close.

Okay, math doesn't work that way, but I'm still in the 56th percentile. That's like a C+ on the bell curve, right?


I made pottertilly sign up, and she finished. That oughta count for somethin'.

Hey, congratulations on that, by the way! You too, dixon. And manicwriter. And anyone else I've missed.
In case it hasn't sunk in yet, that's a huge accomplishment.

Actually, I'm real happy with the few words I was able to churn out this month. They're a good start. And I do intend to finish this the moment my schedule clears up.

...I'm thinking April 2003.
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