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My Secret Santa ROCKS.

Doorbell rang. Sprinted across the house, tripped over the dog (sorry, Fo'paw), but caught the mailman before he gave up and left with our holiday goodies. Dug through the packages, and found the "Wang Chung" return address. Smiled. Left the rest of the mail outside for someone else.

Finding scissors proved to be a greater challenge than I expected (as someone who cuts their own hair far too often to be healthy, I usually know where all the scissors are), but I found a pair and got to the important stuff.

(Oh, shut up. You wouldn't have waited for Christmas either. Besides, this was clearly meant as a Chanukah present. Forgot to light candles, though. Oops.)

They sent me a CD. And it's freakin' perfect. Mama Digdown's Brass Junction: North of New Orleans High energy instrumental stuff, along the lines of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. I'm enjoying the hell out of it. (I asked for local music that I'm not likely to have heard of. My tastes are wide and varied, so I figured I'd probably like whatever they sent. This surpasses my wildest expectations)

I've always been a sucker for happy bouncy music, and this is a joyous celebration if ever there was one. I'm ten tracks in right now, running very late for an appointment.

If any readers happen to be in the Wisconsin area and haven't heard of Mama Digdown, go check 'em out. I hear they put on a great live show. Otherwise, you can check out their website. (I didn't think they had one at first, 'cause there's no URL on the CD anywhere. Marketing tip for all you aspiring musicians - advertize your website wherever possible! Looks like these guys have two more CDs to sell me. Fat lot of good that does if I don't know, right?)


I would never have found these guys on my own.

Yup. Definitely doing this again next year.

Oh, and the gifts I sent out arrived on time. Happy surprise there, let me tell you! If the line at the post office was any indication, I didn't expect things to arrive until February at the earliest...

On a final note, my secret santa asked if it's okay to post comments in my journal. Absolutely! And that's open to everyone else as well. I look forward to your conversation.
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