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Time out of phase

    The lights flicker for just a moment.


    A lightbulb, on the floor, has somehow survived it's inexplicable fall from above. It rolls lazily onto it's side...


    ...and abruptly shatters. I wonder briefly how the room is still illuminated, before...


    ...the filament burns out.
So, yes. The insides are still up there in the ceiling, being a fire hazard and threatening to electrocute whoever tries to install a replacement bulb.

That thought makes me uneasy.

As does the realization that I don't have any idea what could have caused this.

But, more than that, I don't know what's holding all the other lightbulbs together.

...do you suppose that's a bad omen?


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Oct. 11th, 2002 07:49 am (UTC)
Some years back, my brother bought me a clock that you powered by plugging a couple of wires into a potato. I still wonder why he did that. I never used it - the thought of a vegetable going rotten on my desk was enough to end that idea. But, the existance of this product leads me to believe potatoes have magical properties which would either allow you to survive removing half a lightbulb, or kill you twice as fast.

They never mentioned a light socket on the potato-clock box, but I wonder if that would turn the potato into a rechargeable battery.


I have a vision in my head now. I'm at the supermarket, but I forgot my shopping list. So, I reach for my celphone, and call the house to confirm I haven't forgotten anything. But the phone dies - I've used up the battery! What to do? I head to the produce section...

...and now I'm thinking about the old Sesame Street sketch where Burt noticed a banana sticking out of Ernie's ear, and kept trying to tell him about it, but Ernie never heard him because there was a banana in his ear. That pretty much describes how I see the potato-phone experience working.


I should leave for work now.
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