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This will probably come back to bite me.

Every once in a while, one of the bosses at work will revise some aspect of company policy, and pass around a memo for everyone to sign. It's not clear whether this signature merely acknowledges that we're aware of the change, or constitutes an agreement that we'll comply with it.

I couldn't sign this latest one.

It was a simple enough request - those of us whose offices feature doors are to leave them wide open while we're working.

Now, my door is almost always open. But things have been so busy, we haven't finished arranging my office. There are still stacks of material against the wall from back when this room was used for mass storage. And when investors tour the building, this room is not presentable. I don't see that changing anytime soon.

So, what? They'll obviously make exceptions for that, right?

Well, sure. Verbally. But the only thing we have on paper says I'm in violation of company policy every time I hide the mess. And if the verbal agreement that this doesn't apply to me takes precedence, why bother making me sign this?

I can think of no reason.

So, I didn't.

Which, I'm sure, will put "uncooperative" on my record in some form or another, and perhaps cost me my job.

But integrity means standing behind your decisions, taking responsibility for your words. I can't smooth things over by agreeing to a policy I'm incapable of complying with.

This brings back memories of that lease agreement I was unable to sign some years back. I suggested revisions to have it treat all sides fairly, and was subsequently replaced as a roommate.

There's really no winning.
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