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Insanity: pending or recieved?

My personal and professional lives have taken on very strong thematic links to one another. Same plot, two perspectives - I'm experiencing both sides of what's essentially the same conflict.

I wish I hadn't made that connection.

Yes, exploring one will help me understand the other. But, the resonance created by so many parallels is distorting my perception (strange metaphor, but if you ever study audio engineering and accoustic modelling, you'll understand. ask your local piano tuner!).

How else can I explain it? Hmm..

It's a subtext overload.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone where they just weren't on the same planet as you? Insignificant details seemed irrationally important to them, and the only explanation you could figure is they're responding to something in their own lives which had nothing to do with what you just said.. That's me in a few days.

So, umm, whoever finds themselves on the recieving end when I snap this time, let me just apologize in advance.
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