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doublespeak philosophy

  • Money is power.
  • Power comes with responsibility.
Let's accept these as givens, and examine their various permutations...

Does responsibility come with power?
Well, sure. By ignoring responsibility, you cause damage and heartache. That's no small feat, and you don't even break a sweat doing it.

Does power come with money?
Of course. Why claw your way to the top otherwise?

Does responsibility come with money?
You'd think so, but personal experience says differently. I've always had a ton of responsibilities, and not a cent to speak of.

Does money come with responsibility?
Most people would say no.

  • Knowledge is power.
  • Ignorance is bliss.
I'll leave these ones open for you:
    Is power the opposite of bliss?

    Must knowledge lead to misery?

    Does knowledge come with responsibility?

    Does responsibility come with knowledge?

    Do the ignorant have any responsibility?

    Do the blissful have any money?

    Is knowledge equivilant to money?

    Is money equivilant to knowledge?
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