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Picked up my take-home traffic school at Blockbuster this evening. It costs easily twice as much as traditional traffic schools in the area, or the infinitely more efficient Online Traffic School. But those weren't options in my schedule, working around a full-time job and countless outside responsibilities. I haven't had a free moment 'til this weekend, I've used up all my extentions, and the signed certificate is due in court on Wednesday.

I'm a little resentful.

The tapes suck, by the way. I've used 'em before, five or six years ago. But I had been in the wrong that time, and was just grateful for the opportunity to clear the violation off my record. I had free time to throw away back then, too. You put up with a lot when those are your circumstances.

So, here I am, trying to justify why it's so darn important to have a car in the first place. I need it for work, which I need if I'm going to pay for all the costs associated with having a car. Like this humiliating waste of my most precious commodity, for example.

I went ahead and put the $54 on my father's credit card. He's the one who wanted me on this treadmill, after all. So, that covers the money. But the time.. How do I justify eight hours to go through these tapes a second time?

I could only think of one way. Check the mood icon, folks.

It's stupid and irresponsible, but the irony justifies all...
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