some guy (self) wrote,
some guy

Greetings from Work

Haven't updated in a while. Much to tell y'all. But not right now.

First the good news:
After about two weeks worth of delays, we finally have internet access here in the office.

And the bad news:
The T1 router is configured just slightly off kilter, such that nobody can log back into their computers once they reboot.

Also worth mentioning:
I spent the last few hours applying windows updates, and as a result, a number of people are either locked up at the login screen, or hanging one click away from a forced reboot.

So, here's the thing:
We should be able to reconfigure those systems that haven't rebooted yet, but can't do much about those that have. If we can't log in, we can't change the login settings.

End result:
The MIS department won't be goin' home any time in the forseeable future.

No, wait. Scratch that last part.
Dave fixed it. Now I just have to finish up on these half-dozen systems...

Two hours later...

Yeah. That last thing I said, about it being fixed? I was lying.
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