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Morning sickness

I've been trying to go to bed earlier, since my sleep schedule is a full eight hours off from where I need it to be on Monday. So far, what this has meant is more hours every day spent in bed, every bit as awake as I would've been were I sitting at my computer. And then I wake up just as late as I always have, frustrated at having wasted all that time the night before. So, it's time for drastic measures.

I set an alarm today, and forced myself out of bed two hours before I was ready. I'm irritable, I've got a huge headache, and I can already tell the only thought I'm going to have all day is "nap, please." (which, of course, I can't allow myself)

Hopefully, being exhausted all day will pay off when it's time to sleep. 'cause, the alarm's set two hours earlier for tomorrow.

Anyone wanna take bets on how long until I crack?

I'll put down "3pm, Today". Four hours until I owe someone an apology.


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Jul. 5th, 2002 03:30 pm (UTC)
This like suh totally sounds like me.

I always stay up too late, especially if I have something the next morning (don't ask me why--it must be subconscious). Then I'm feeling miserable the rest of the day because, like you said, all I'm thinking about is taking a nap. So at least you know that someone else can relate.

Sweet dreams, baby! *fist*
Jul. 5th, 2002 08:15 pm (UTC)
I've been fisted?
I have a lot of trouble putting things aside until morning. If there's anything I can be working on to prepare or get done early, I feel guilty lying around doing nothing.

Is guilty the right word? The physical sensation is more "anxious" than anything else. Chills, elevated heartrate, lump in throat, it's not fun.

I mean, rationally, I understand that the best thing I can do to prepare for something is to get a good night's sleep, and the worst thing I can do to sabotage myself is stay up worrying about it. But anything where you make yourself suffer is pretty much going to be irrational, so this knowledge is worthless.

Hopefully, that will change with this new job. I've been freelancing, and haven't had any seperation between work and home for a long time. But soon, I'll be in an office, with security people who don't want me there at night. I think that'll help.

Either that, or I'll freak out in my off hours, and get all workaholic on some of my own projects. Either way's okay by me.
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