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Subtractive Analysis of Ethnic Cuisines

I figured this out a while ago (with charts and graph paper - I'm quite the nerd), but it's come up in two seperate conversations recently, so I'd better share:

  • Chinese food has rice and noodles, but no cheese.

  • Mexican food has rice and cheese, but no noodles.

  • Italian food has noodles and cheese, but no rice.
Government conspiracy?
      Collusion between restaurants?
            Undisputable proof that our cultures were put here by aliens?

Draw your own conclusions.


Jun. 6th, 2002 12:42 pm (UTC)
Wow, I'm ignorant.
This probably rules out the "planted here by aliens" theory.

...and the rest of my reply is deleted after a moment's research and discovery that there actually are Inuit restaurants. I'm a little stunned by this! They're a nomadic people, so the idea of setting up permanent shop in the middle of a city seems like it would be wrong on principal.

It's amazing how few of my preconceptions actually hold up under scrutiny...
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