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More fun in the kitchen

I went to sleep early last night, which of course meant waking up in the middle of the night, going back to sleep late, and waking up at noon. Not sure why I bother trying for a healthy schedule, really. My body can never adjust to it.

So, I found myself making breakfast at 1pm. And I started thinking about the nutritional value of my instant oatmeal. Brown sugar and cinnamon. Those'll get me through the day, right? Okay, fine - I need some protien. What's in the fridge? Nothing that'll go with oatmeal, that's for sure. I reach for the eggs, figuring they at least have a thematic link.

And then the impracticality of trying to eat my oatmeal while cooking these eggs strikes me. I consider not adding water to the oatmeal until the eggs are done, but then one's getting cold while I eat the other. That's no good either. What to do?

The solution is obvious.

I lose the hot water, and mix the oatmeal directly into the eggs. Throw the whole thing into the frying pan. Problem solved.

Except, now I have to eat this thing, and I can't even imagine what it's going to taste like.

The dog seems all-too-willing to give it a chance, though. I draw strength from her enthusiasm, which in turn disappoints her and depletes that strength. But somewhere in there, I commit to the task at hand. Breakfast is ready. And so am I.

...and it's a giant cookie.

I think I need to add milk next time, and perhaps have strawberry jam on standby. Such refinements are needed, but the potential is strong.

Oh, yes. My grandchildren will speak of this day.

(Or more likely your grandchildren. I know we've had this argument, but "See, you'd think this would be gross" cooking skills just aren't in the impress-your-date category. Whatever. So long as somebody's grandchildren speak of it, I'll settle.)

Yeah, so the world already has oatmeal cookies. Why should that stop me from inventing them?
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