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My lightbulb just burnt out.

That's not a metaphor - I haven't lost my creativity or anything. At least, I hope not. That'd suck. No, it's just suddenly harder to see in this room. I mean that literally. There's a single bulb installed in my light fixture, and the filament within that bulb just destroyed itself. No more happy bouncing photons. Poof! All gone.

It seems to me this happens more often than it should. And now, I can verify that. Next time this lightbulb burns out, I can look up this entry and see how long it's been. Another use for LiveJournal. Yay!

Adding this entry to my "memories" now, which makes it that much easier. Hadn't really found a use for that feature before. This is cool...

  • Note to Secret Santa: Please don't send me a light bulb.


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    Nov. 21st, 2000 02:48 pm (UTC)
    Huh. That reminds me...
    The overhead light in my room burnt out right before I left this weekend. I still haven't changed it. I should do that...

    So, how about a case of lightbulbs? :)

    Kurt Onstad
    Not some guy's Secret Santa...Found out about it November 20th...
    Nov. 22nd, 2000 01:53 am (UTC)
    Secret Santa Stuff
    Missed deadline:
    You should have said something on the 20th! They ended up extending the deadline. It is too late now, though.

    Case of lightbulbs:
    It's not a price issue or anything. I'm just explicitly against anything obvious. I want the gift to reflect something more about the sender than that they're quick to pick up on clues from my journal.
    Nov. 23rd, 2000 05:11 pm (UTC)
    Three days later, I finally got around to changing the lightbulb. Yay, me!

    Officially marking this moment in time. When the bulb burns out, we'll know how long it lasted.
    Nov. 28th, 2000 08:39 pm (UTC)
    Still waiting...
    Hey, where's part 5 of the money saga?!

    Kurt Onstad
    Sure, you're working on a play and stuff, but you've left this story unfinished for a long time now...
    Nov. 30th, 2000 07:09 pm (UTC)
    Ignoring the play and and all the work I should be doing, etc... You saw how long it took me to screw in a lousy lightbulb. That's a very simple task compared to what you're asking. Part five is going to be every bit as long as four. Hell, I was thinking about typing up part six and coming back to five later...
      Will probably delete both this reply and Speedball's in a short while. I really am using this message to keep track of how long my lightbulb lasts, and unless it blows before part five is posted, this extra conversation will prove a distraction at that time.


      Okay, I guess this entry is timing two things now.

      Man, I have no focus...
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