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My lightbulb just burnt out.

That's not a metaphor - I haven't lost my creativity or anything. At least, I hope not. That'd suck. No, it's just suddenly harder to see in this room. I mean that literally. There's a single bulb installed in my light fixture, and the filament within that bulb just destroyed itself. No more happy bouncing photons. Poof! All gone.

It seems to me this happens more often than it should. And now, I can verify that. Next time this lightbulb burns out, I can look up this entry and see how long it's been. Another use for LiveJournal. Yay!

Adding this entry to my "memories" now, which makes it that much easier. Hadn't really found a use for that feature before. This is cool...

  • Note to Secret Santa: Please don't send me a light bulb.
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