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My computer usually crashes at night, and it's been showing all the signs that it's going to any minute now. Nothing's terribly stable. But I've got good stuff downloading, and a very long time before it finishes. So, I'd like it not to die.

This pretty much adds up to "I can't sleep."

I'm completely exhausted, don't get me wrong. But I can only stay in bed for maybe two minutes before the suspense gets to me and I have to check to see if we've locked up yet.

The zen-master-in-the-back-of-my-head tells me to just yank the power cord from the wall so I won't have to worry about the system failing. ...which is precisely the sort of reason why I never listen to that guy.

Thoughts that amuse me right now:
  • "The suspense probably is killing me."
  • "System stability prevents me from crashing."
  • "I'd like to crash, but I can't, 'cause I might crash."
  • "My car has tires."
  • "Wha? Uhh.. Hahahahaha."

...and you know it's time to sleep, 'cause two of those were the same joke, neither of 'em at all funny, but I'm still laughing. And then we get a half-punchline with no lead-in, followed by more laughter because my monosyllabic confusion sort of rhymed.

Yup. I'm gonna be mighty proud of this entry someday.


I'd delete the whole section, but it spontaneously captured a reversion through my youth back into infancy, and I think the transcript will come in handy if I'm ever in therapy.
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