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disturbing 9/11 conspiracy theories - linking to discussion

I lurk quite a lot (and post occasionally) at the NorthernSounds forums - it's basically a users group for some very powerful music software, and it's frequented by most of the developers who produce add-ons for it. It's never been a place to discuss, say, politics and world events, but this week, one of the more prolific developers realized they had a captive audience and a responsiblity to raise questions when events warrant. I have to respect that, as I think it's what celebrity is for.

That being said, I haven't fully processed what he brought up. I'm somewhat in shock, I think, and will draw conclusions when my mind returns to me. But there are a ton of claims that need to be verified. If anything, the facts presented call for us to not take them at face value. They're practically daring us to take a closer look.

Go here and read this.

I apologize if the whole thing's old news. If it isn't yet, it will be as soon as folks start mass e-mailing each other. (such campaigns always backfire, I notice)

I'm not going to disable comments on this post, but I'm not realistically about to do the overwhelming amount of research needed for me to hold an intelligent conversation on the subject right now either. So, umm, have at it. I'll do my best to keep up.
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