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Gone fishin'

Sam's Club has 3.63 pound boxes of cheddar cheese goldfish. Yum!

This is much better than food.
    I was out somewhere yesterday and they had big plastic goldfish dispensers, shaped like big plastic goldfish. You pry it's head open and split it in half to reveal all the little baby fish inside. And then, after witnessing the miracle of birth, you're expected to eat their young. This cooked-in-the-womb approach is considered a delicacy in some cultures, but I find the whole thing disturbing.

    Despite the well-known adage that cheese improves with age, few cheddar cheese goldfish are allowed to grow beyond infancy, and only then for breeding in captivity. You'll not see live cheddar cheese goldfish released into the world. Just two of the species getting out could destroy the whole industry.
Yes, the sleep deprivation is finally starting to kick in...
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