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Here's what I've got lined up for the day:

XBox Unplugged
    Xboxtm is the leading next generation console, offering unparalleled performance matched by a built-in hard disk and Ethernet port. This is the game console of the future. Sign up now for this all-day event that will introduce you to the nuts and bolts of the console and show you how to make your game stand out from the competition by taking advantage of the power of the Xbox. The Xbox hardware allows game developers access to unprecedented power and performance. The Xbox Software Development Kit provides a complete set of libraries, code, tools, and documentation to help you harness that power for your game. If creating an Xbox game is in your future, or if you're wondering what all the hype is about, this course is for you. We'll cover topics including: graphics and audio hardware, Xbox software development, unique Xbox features, online gaming, transitioning from Microsoft Windows to Xbox, and content creation. Expect to get in-depth information about the many components of game creation on the Xbox, from programming issues to production issues.

That's eight hours, with nine panelists.

And me without a video camera.

Expect my next entry to be about how I can't read any of my hastily scrawled notes.
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