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Long drive, I arrive, still alive.

Finally in San Jose.

Packing took much longer than expected.

Driving took 5 hours (guess I drove faster than Mapquest figured).

Unpacking the car and setting up the computer (in a haphazard stack - extremely temporary situation until I can find a longer phone cord) took another hour.

All in all, I'm not looking forward to packing up and driving home again.

I'd have left the computer to deal with tomorrow, but it turns out the one thing I forgot to bring was the sheet of paper I wrote down all my directions on. And my schedule. So, I don't really know how to get where I'm going tomorrow, or what time I'm supposed to be there. Figured that'd be worth finding out.

So, here I am, online again at 3:30 in the morning. I'm usually up this late. But I don't usually have to get up again this early.

Let's see... Registration opens at 7am, but my first session's not until 10. The expo side of things doesn't open until Thursday, so that's an awful lot of standing around doing nothing. Which makes me nervous - do they expect the line to move that slowly? Why make us stand in line at all, if we've already got our badges? This doesn't strike me as optimal planning on their part. And it's a conference made up of management leaders, level designers, AI coders, and other such specialists whose job descriptions give them the skill and qualification to do a very good job of organizing events. So, I must be missing something. Guess I'll find out in a few hours.

Let's split the difference and arrive at 8:30, which means a 7:30 alarm, granting me 90 minutes more sleep.

I wasted that much time typing this, didn't I?

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