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Why am I thinking? I just want to sleep!!

Hopefully this didn't catch anyone in the 90 seconds or so that it said "(read more...)"

The writers are about to lose another chunk of credibility when Giles doesn't make a move to protect his investment. Anya's nowhere to be found, the Magic Box is closed, and frankly, I think they've forgotten whose business she was running.


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Mar. 17th, 2002 01:00 pm (UTC)
We'll see...
It may get resolved in the next episode...(Speaking of May...) If so, there won't be long enough for Giles to really react...

Mar. 17th, 2002 03:32 pm (UTC)
Not likely.
Xander went from frightened to strong to seeing his fears realized, and he made a mature decision which took all of his strength. That feels like canon. This last week, he emerged a weaker man, who basically decided he's willing to hurt his beloved if it means satisfying his own desires. And that part contradicts everything they've been building.

Familiar patterns of dissonance and release. A momentary contradiction means they're setting us up.

I suppose you could argue that the wedding was Xander's momentary contradiction. If so, they'll get back together with the added complication that she's signed a contract with D'Hoffryn and can't give up her new full-time career as a Vengeance Demon. Which, I should add, will leave no time for managing the Magic Box.

Otherwise, they're manipulating us to want them back together, and more specifically to want this for Xander. Which makes sense. If something drastic happens, Anya's a hundred times more likely to leave the show. They'd want you grieving with Xander at that point, which means feeling his hope beforehand.

Think back to Giles and Miss Calendar.

If the writers do intend to get Anya and Xander back together, it won't resolve quickly.

And, besides, they've been sticking to one week between episodes. The magic box will have been closed for almost two weeks when the next episode begins. Are we to believe that no one's corresponding with Giles? Or, for that matter, that they'd have invited Anya's old boss to the wedding but not her current one?
I mean, seriously. When Xander went back to his apartment, there must have been wedding presents waiting to mock him. Does he send them back? Does he write a thank-you card? It's a horribly awkward thing, and the show thrives on that. If Giles declined their wedding invitation, he'd at least send a check. But, there was never any mention of a wedding invitation, or a check. Two logical correspondences which didn't even require Anthony Stewart Head be around to film them. And if they decided amongst themselves not to invite him, that too should have occurred onscreen.

We would have seen those if they hadn't dropped his spinoff.

The whole thing's an embarassment, and Mutant Enemy is pretending that Giles never existed.


It used to be such a good show, too.
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