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Point of Convergence

Some friends from my past called. They're having a concert tonight. It's been a year without any word, so of course I'll drive out for it. In fact, I'd be on my way now to tie up some other loose ends, but...

  • My cousin needs two posters and a powerpoint presentation thrown together ASAP.
  • Some friends of the family need help to publish some things online ASAP to comply with state regulations.
  • I promised one of the friends I'm seeing tonight a draft on his website.
  • Another friend of the family just rented a moving van, and is depending on me for manual labor.

    That last one, in fact, demands the whole day. The good news is, we just had a 45 minute delay, leaving a gap in my schedule to accomplish one of the other tasks. The bad news is I squandered that opportunity recording this moment for posterity. Hope you enjoy it.

    ...which brings us to the future, where I'm moving up in my career as a video game developer. A career which begins with me getting myself hired at the Game Developers Conference in about three weeks, on the basis of some proposals I'm working to finish now.

    It seems I'm the battleground in which Past, Present, and Future are planning to duke it out for supremacy. A family squabble, if you will, where Past is sick of getting nothing but hand-me-downs and Future is tired of Present (who just wants a little attention) breaking all his best toys. I suppose I should be honored, but the whole thing just seems so petty. And I'm pretty sure I could sort things out for them if I just had the time to do so.

    (is that a better metaphor, DragonPookie?)
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