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Asking too much

Watched Sugar and Spice today. Saw Bring it On a while ago. Both came highly recommended by a friend whose taste I can no longer trust without question.

Here's the problem: I think the easy sell of a cheerleader movie leaves no incentive to bother making a good film.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer doesn't count.

Nor does American Beauty, really.

What I'm looking for are basically issues of sexuality, politics, and consequence. You know, some hint that the author gave a single thought to character motivation, or drama in general. Clueless had all of that. Cruel Intentions did as well. It's clearly possible to make a teen movie with some depth to it, but apparently you need to adapt a 200 year old novel to do it.

So, let's say a book is required. We've got billions to choose from.

Somewhere in your library, I know one of you has a really old novel whose timeless message would surprise and transform today's most shallow audiences. I ask you to write about it in your journal, and see if this vast network of interlocking connections can't get a trojan horse built.

I mean, knowing that your film will fill theaters and sell videos by the truckload on the basis of it's costumes alone, couldn't we try to sneak a valuable lesson or two in there and maybe improve the world a little? Some small bit of culture, perhaps. Anything.
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