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Now we're cookin'

I decided to get creative with my dinner tonight. You can follow along at home.

We start with a packet of Ramen. "Oriental" flavor seemed like the best way to go tonight, but other flavors are equally valid. Boil some water, throw in the noodles, wait three minutes...

While that's cooking, we break three eggs into a bowl, throw in the flavor packet from that Ramen, and whip it all up into a dubious orange substance.

Noodles done? Great. Strain out all the water, and dump the noodles into the scary bowl along with the rest of it. Spread a little butter all around the pot you just used so nothing sticks, and empty the bowl into it. Cover the pot, and place it atop a low flame. This should ensure our concoction cooks evenly on both sides.

Remove the lid occasionally and peer inside. When the food strikes you as notably taller than when we started, it's more or less safe to eat. I decided to throw some grated cheese in there first, along with a small piece of my thumb. But you may want to skip that last part.

Serves two, apparently. I couldn't finish it.

So, how was it? Hard to say. The texture was quite interesting; more casserole than chow mein. I think I'd like to fry smaller portions over a taller flame, try to make the noodles crunchy. As far as taste, it was surprisingly not disgusting. Again, smaller portions would help here, as I think it grew overwhelming as the meal wore on. More recognizable flavors (chicken, beef, etc. not "oriental") might make the experience more pleasing as well.

This isn't health food, nor can I recommend it in good health. But I'm satisfied that cooking and eating it was a valuable learning experience. And I'm convinced there's potential here. Tweak the recipe a bit, and we'll have something worthwhile.

Next Time: Kraft Macaroni 'n Cheese Omelette!
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