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Snow White just glossed over the whole delimma...

In front of me sits an apple, which has been dipped in caramel, covered with chocolate cookie crumbs, and spattered with melted chocolate on top of that. It was a gift from a friend, which automatically confuses things. On the one hand, I'd like to put it on a shelf and remember them whenever I glance at it. But on the other hand, it's food. If it doesn't complete it's intended purpose, it will degrade into something undesirable, perhaps taking my shelf with it. Surely, that's not what my friend intended. But I'm loathe to destroy a thing of beauty just to satisfy some momentary pleasure. And yet, we've already established such beauty is fleeting. I'd be doing a disservice by not appreciating it to the fullest. So, that settles it. The call of duty will not go unheeded.

...they couldn't have dipped it in bronze instead of caramel?
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