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Obscurity Knocks

Memory's a funny thing.

As I walked past a store yesterday, I remembered being dragged into it by a girl who spent much time deliberating over whether or not she should buy a particular item. I remembered thinking it'd make a thoughtful Christmas present if she didn't buy it, and was thus pleased when she walked away empty handed.

This flashback bugged me all night and well into the morning because, beyond having dropped the ball on an obvious romantic gesture, I couldn't even remember who the girl was in that scenario. Now, I don't go on so many dates that a potential relationship could just slip through the cracks like that. So, I'm compelled to solve this mystery - something is clearly wrong.

When compiling a list of every female I've ever met didn't help, I resorted to tracing my steps back from that store to wherever else we might have been that night. I could smell by brain frying under the strain, but this did the trick.

Turns out I had the relationship all wrong. I was never courting this girl, just making notes for the guy she liked - it was to be his romantic gesture. Except, of course, that I forgot to tell him.

But at least I don't need to have myself institutionalized just yet. That's something.
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