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Curiousity vs. the Cat, Round 1

Windows Update told me the other day there were new drivers available for the soundcard which comes built into my motherboard. I'm really not sure why I cared, given that I've got probably $700 invested in upgrades beyond the onboard chip, so the only part of it I'm actually still using is the MIDI interface. But I gave in to curiousity. Why would they release a new driver beyond the one that ships with Windows? That has to mean something's wrong with the old one, right? Reeplacing it can only stabilize things further.

So, I went ahead and installed it. And midway through the process, it decided it really wanted a file from my Windows CD. But, near as I can tell, the file isn't actually on my Windows CD. (It found, but no luck on whatever it was looking for inside of that) Spent a few minutes trying to reason with it, and eventually told it to go ahead and skip the file. Installation completed, and everything seemed to be fine.

Long story short, I don't have a MIDI interface anymore.

Several options present themselves:
  1. Dig up and organize all of my CDs, hopefully finding a different one to try.
  2. Upgrade to WinXP and see how often the beta version of my music software crashes.
  3. Give up on MIDI, throw away my keyboard equipment, and program music via mouse and keyboard.
  4. Give up on music, throw away my computer, and go back to drawing on cave walls.
  5. Go back to sleep, and hope the problem fixes itself.

I figured I'd start with that last one and maybe work backwards through the list.
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