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The Money Saga - Part 2: Twist

So, I'm looking at my credit card bill. I'm past the limit, with more money due than I'd care to think about. I've got a few days left to pay off the minimum balance, and am hoping more work comes in before I hit that deadline again. It's never fun when that happens.

Three checks arrive in the mail, each for jobs I completely forgot about.

Cool! I think. I can pay off a good chunk this month.

I briefly consider taking some of the money out to buy myself a toy, but decide against it. I'll be good this time.

I bring that up because I think it was a test. And look what I get for passing:

The next day, I receive a mysterious envelope from Washington Mutual.

Odd, I think. I've got all my money at Wells Fargo.

The letter says I've gone through my ten day grace period, and that they're extending the terms of my account for another six months by default.


It seems I have a savings account, with $1500 in it.


Not one to question fate, I rush down to Washington Mutual to close out this account. They decide to penalize me $21, but I leave with a check in hand.

...So, I'm looking at my credit card bill. But this time, I can pay it off.
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