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Sleep isn't helping.

I gave up on actually organizing all my belongings, and settled instead for getting things out of the way long enough to move some furniture around. This might not have been a good move, though, as there seems to be a shortage of space to put everything back in.

This leads me to start combining (cramming together) the contents of several boxes, which leads to the inevitable destruction of several (overstuffed) boxes. It's no surprise, of course. I can see the sides tearing apart from the corners.

I'm examining one box in particular, and the lines of pressure converge on one point: a simple roll of duct tape. I remove the offending article, and the box breathes a sigh of relief. I find a less destructive position for the duct tape, and replace it in the box. It immediately rolls back to where it was, and the box tears a bit more.

I pull out the roll of duct tape once again, and consider whether I really need to store it. Sure, duct tape's nice to have, but is it worth the trouble it's causing? If only I had something to brace the box with.. I could hold the sides together, put the duct tape back in the box, and go on with my life as though nothing had happened.

Yeah, that'd be good.

Do I have any masking tape around here?

Doesn't matter - masking tape''s not strong enough. What I really need is some duct tape.

Why can't I ever find that stuff when I need it?

Oh, wait...
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