some guy (self) wrote,
some guy

The Money Saga - Part 1: Background

I tend to view money in terms of karmic retribution. I try to help everyone around me, and in turn the universe keeps me warm and fed. When I do something particularly useful, I am rewarded with my choice of material goods. My credit card bill keeps a running tally of how much work I have left to do before I can rest. Foolish, impetuous decisions are always reflected in the paperwork. Here is what I did this month, both good and bad. How can I restore balance?

This is an unbelievably stupid attitude for a freelancer to take. I know this, and yet I still have a very hard time forcing myself to bill people.

Because I've been in debt for so long, I rarely see the money I earn. So, it's hard to think of it as anything but an abstraction. Start rationalizing the abstract forces that control your life, and you're well on your way to forming a new religion. Just need to pass these delusions on to future generations...
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