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Electric Dreams, continued

The siege goes on.

I thought I was pretty clever. I'd go in through safe mode, where my computer is stripped of it's core personality, and change video settings there. It would never know what happened. I checked with Dave, who confirmed that this would be the best thing to do. We were both wrong, it turns out.

I was able to get to the video settings in safe mode, but could only change them to 16 colors, 640x480. So, now everything's big and ugly, and I still can't get in to even change things back.

This is a problem.

So, let's take stock.. I got my e-mail working again (long story, much bureaucracy), but can't operate my chat software. I can edit websites manually through Notepad, but the complexity of some of my sites makes that a living nightmare. I can probably reconfigure my web browser so it's not completely useless (disable background images, force a simple color scheme). Art production is out of the question - I'm afraid to even open Photoshop. I can still play Blockout (a marvel of programming genius, this game runs up to speed on an 8088), and I guess minesweeper, but any game more recent than that is going to have problems. MP3 playback works, but actual music production isn't likely to happen just now. DVD playback could be interesting. And, of course, using my system to troubleshoot other computers simply isn't a good idea.

That being said, what do I have to do today? Redesign some business cards, do some website work which is time consuming with even the right tools, edit a video, some major photo manipulation, troubleshoot another computer, and record some music with whatever time's left over.

Guess that can wait while I reinstall Windows and all of my tools.

(You hear that, computer?! I will destroy you!)
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