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Anyone remember "Electric Dreams"?

Carol came to visit a few nights ago. We rendered out some MIDI files on my computer. When I got up the next morning, I ran a virus scan and detected about ten thousand instances of a lovebug variant scattered across the hard drive. So.. I guess my computer likes her.

Well... liked, anyway. A few keystrokes, and this aberrant behaviour was wiped clean from memory.

It's still sore at me, though. And pouting. It's withholding my e-mail, and locks up whenever I try to change monitor settings in the control panel (effectively blocking my chat software and web editor). Now, I'll admit, I'm impressed with the tactic, but this machine should know by now that I am far more stubborn than it is. I'm not about to negotiate.

I mean, back me up on this. I think I'm on the right track, nipping that in the bud. It's a computer, she's an organic lifeform - these things never work out. Given time, it'll see that.

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