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I usually take no interest in national news, but I woke up this morning in another world. Still trying to make sense of it all.

I won't go into the actual news - I mean, what can I add? "too many good people killed. don't like terrorists.", but the small stuff usually gets overlooked, so I figure we ought to post it.

(I see some kid twenty years from now going through today's LiveJournal archives to write a social studies report. Wish I had those kinds of resources back in school...)
  • My plans this evening are cancelled because Downtown Los Angeles has been evacuated. I can't imagine where all those people are going to sleep tonight.

  • My brother is in Florida right now. They've closed down the big tourist attractions, and the airport, so he's sitting in a hotel room with a TV full of depressing news on every channel. Can't go home to his family, can't find anything to distract himself.

  • My sister-in-law was looking forward to a wedding this weekend (one of her relatives, I'm not really sure which). They had family flying out from all over the country. The bride must be tearing her hair out. You spend so much time agonizing over every detail, making sure the whole thing's perfect, and then the whole world collapses.
Every person who died today was expected somewhere. Others had plans for them which can never come to fruition. Selfish plans, perhaps, which they'll feel guilty for even thinking about. The loss of life is tragic, but again, that's for others to discuss. I find myself dwelling on the disruption, the severed connections.

That's it for now. More later.
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