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Pushing the limits of my G rating...

    The offer mentioned here may in fact be fraudulent. Investigating further...

Apparently, .sex will soon be a valid extention for website URLs. They're taking reservations, at $59 per domain name. That's considerably more expensive than the ubiquitous .com, but really just a drop in the bucket for the sites that'll claim these.

It's always fun when a new extention opens up and everyone's scrambling for good names. Why? Because if they don't grab them, someone else will, and it'll costs a whole lot more than $59 to get it then.

I poke around the domain name auctions every once in a while, and wonder whether any of the domains I've let go over the years would have had any value today. Probably not, since most of 'em are still availble. With the vultures using tools like this, I doubt they'd stay unclaimed for very long. (I didn't bother having them appraised...)

Anyway... If you search for .sex names, you'll see that all the obvious ones are taken. Big surprise there.

But the less-obvious and downright bad are still open, which is where the fun begins, 'cause you can make it say things like "Congratulations, is available!", making one wonder why they're so darn enthusiastic about it.

I did that for hours.

...and then I gave them all my money.

For, as it turns out, there were a few good ones left.
...but now there aren't. =P

I bought six:
  1. will work nicely for a web comic and/or e-mail forwarding service
  2. requires subdomains to fill it's potential. Probably should have passed that one up.
  3. extremely proud of this one - good general purpose name. I can auction it off in any category.
  4. one of the extremely rare "obvious choice" domain names. Again, prime auction material.
  5. unbelievable potential - I may have to start a site to go with it.
  6. just makes me laugh and laugh.
e-mail me, and I might just send you the list.

Other nifty observations:
  • "" and "" were claimed by two different people, who may never meet because no one covered ""
  • roygbiv and junglemonkey are both still available, if anyone wants to buy wolfiegirl an inappropriate and somewhat disturbing present.
  • while "" is available, one might consider ""
        (okay, that was too far. I apologize)
  • There were others, but I'm blanking now. Go find your own.
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