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One down.

Got the Rubicon's bill mailed off. (yeah, Jason called it) It's considerably higher than I'd planned on charging for my services, so I'm feeling all guilty and stuff. Just have to keep reminding myself of the countless hours I put into that job which I'm not billing for. Which, again, brings back bad memories, so the whole process is quite unpleasant.

Looking on the bright side...
  • In the long run, this will cost them far less than if they'd hired anyone else.
  • If they pay up, I'll have their money.
  • If they refuse to pay up, their systems become someone else's problem.
So, now that's out of the way, and I'm working on a very elaborate invoice for the County of Santa Barbara, representing all the work I've done on one of their websites since February. I've written this invoice before, but the file apparently got mangled and not sent.

** sigh **

I need money. I have instruments to buy, slides to print, a patent to apply for, and a world-changing project that's going to eat through more cash than you could shake a very expensive stick at. None of this moves forward while the credit card looms over me.

So, back to the spreadsheet...
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