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Troubleshooting progress

We've ruled out RAM, I think. Within this entirely-not-scientific process, anyway. Truth be known, we don't know the truth.

So, if it's not RAM, and it's not the power supply, what else are we lookin' at?

Let's review:
  • System freezes intermittently.
  • In the course of hard-rebooting, system occasionally loses all it's CMOS settings.
  • There were sporadic drops in voltage, but the new power supply seems to have fixed that.
  • There remain occasional spikes in CPU temperature, but system logs show no such thing at the time of freezing.
    (this could mean there are no spikes at the time of freezing, or it could mean the logs aren't written fast enough)
  • If left alone for a few hours, system will freeze up at the windows login screen.
  • I got a message telling me one of my drivers was exceeding it's allocated stack space, and to increase the reserved area for overflow.</ol>So, now we move on, utilizing a subtle combination of intuition and brute force. The "witch hunt" approach to fixing computers.

    Just finished uninstalling the SoundBlaster Live card and all of it's associated software. I hope that's not the problem - this thing gives me 5.1 audio, which would be quite nifty if I had speakers to go with it, but more importantly, it's my only source of MIDI I/O. I'll be somewhat crippled without that.

    Next will be... something else.
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