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The troubleshooting continues.

Installed the 400 Watt power supply. It supplies me with power. Soon, I shall rule the known galaxy!

No, wait. I didn't notice, they packaged it with 400 Watts of responsibility.

I'd return it, but that would be wrong.

Actually, some notes on the power supply.
  1. It's been sitting on my desk since July 3rd.
  2. It'll have to be returned if this doesn't stabilize my computer, 'cause I can't afford it.
  3. It weighs easily twice as much as the 300 Watt power supply, and feels incredibly manly.
  4. All the fans are spinning faster. This system is loud.
I'm nearly positive the bulk of my problems are power related. My diagnostics software kept showing the voltage drop, sometimes followed by a temperature spike. Could be evidence, could be coincidence.

So, we start with the power supply. Next comes the surge supressor I've been using for about 12 years now - that can probably be replaced. Then, we run an extention cord back to the other side of the room, where the computer used to be plugged in, and install a UPS unit. Then we attach solar paneling, a gas powered generator, and move to some state where gas is cheaper and electricity plentiful.
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