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I could scream, but why encourage it?

My computer keeps locking up, but not at any particular interval, and I have yet to find anything which will consistently trigger the problem. Which makes it an "intermittent problem," or in layman's terms, unsolveable. Not that this stops us from trying to fix it, you understand. It just means we can't go about it very scientifically.

And it takes forever to get through scandisk and boot up again, so I'm unable to get any work done for 20 minutes at a time, without warning. Good way to lose momentum and enthusiasm for a project.

Adding insult to injury, I'm beginning to sense when things are starting to become unstable. This allows me to save my progress, but not to take any preventative measures beyond that. The system won't shut down properly once we've reached that point, so there's no avoiding the process.

So, anyway, I think I might have got it this time. seonsaint's suggestion that I move the monitor to another circuit seems to have been a good one.

Failing that, I've got a 400 watt power supply ready to swap in (at thedave805's suggestion).

And if THAT doesn't work, it's time to start "yanking components," which is technical speak for pulling one's hair out.

So, yeah.. I still owe y'all a Texas report. (...and part 5 of the Money Saga) But I really should get some work done before launching into that. Let's see if I'm able...
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