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Why do I bother trying to keep a schedule?

My reservations are in for the Rotary International 2001 convention. And I have reservations.

I fought, I argued, I tried to route the budgeted dollars towards more productive uses (rather than send me on what amounts to a very nice vacation). We came up with a fair compromise, I guess. The project I wanted these funds for is going to happen now, but without enough money to actually do any good.

Mere moments after finalizing everything, I received word that my high school reunion is scheduled opposite that. Which is good and bad. I mean, I'm off the hook for another ten years - no point in making something of myself now. (Special offer: if you're charming, attractive, and feel like blowing a hundred bucks, you can go in my place and pretend to be me. No? Maybe I should put my invitation on eBay...) But I've lost contact with a lot of people, and my life's the emptier for it. I wanted to go.


The good side of this, I'm not going to poison by thinking about while the other stuff eats at me.
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