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...than to open your mouth and prove it.

Hi, everyone! Speedball just pointed me to an interview with former presidential hopeful Al Gough</a>, discussing the upcoming Smallville TV series. You should read it for yourself, but I wanted to highlight some choice quotes here.

"we've got a whole new take on Lex Luthor... In the pilot you see him befriend Clark. It’s an intriguing relationship to play with because everyone knows where the story ends, but you've never really seen how it started out. I think it will be fun to watch."
    Wow! What an oversight! I can't believe with all the comics and movies and cartoons and TV shows, they never thought to show Lex meeting Clark for the first time. That's just a big hole. Fans must have been clamoring, why didn't WB relent until now? Fascists!

    Thank god for the AOL merger. It's so good to finally see these characters in the hands of a thinking man's company.
"It took us longer to find Tom Welling, who plays Clark. The challenge was how do you find Superman before he was Superman.. It’s like looking for Harry Potter or Anakin Skywalker."
    Good analogy! Casting a young Harry Potter is next to impossible, since we're so familiar with the formidable adult version. And Anakin grows up to be a villain, just like Luthor, so it's natural that Clark would take longer to cost! We can only hope that Tom Welling is half as good for the franchise as Jake Lloyd was for Star Wars.
That's it. Just wanted to share.
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