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Nothing to report.

I may have a very good job lined up. So good, in fact, that I'm keeping other opportunities at arms' distance while I wait for things to solidify. Which means that nothing is happening. Or rather, that lots of things are happening, but I'm sitting on the sidelines.

With any luck, this stage of things ends tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm fighting off some disease or another, which means I can't even leave the house. Just sleeping and staring at screens.

I don't like this.


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Mar. 26th, 2001 06:26 pm (UTC)
disease rocks, man.

and its not a job unless it's at CVS.

*smugly hates her life*
Mar. 27th, 2001 02:30 am (UTC)
Disease rocks... You must be an Anthrax fan?
This CVS?

We don't have those in Southern California, so far as I can tell. (I needed to pick up a Yukon Cornelius doll for someone back in December, and CVS is like the only place which stocks such a thing. Ended up ordering one through ebay from someone who lives down the street from CVS. It was either that, or a pathetic excuse for a roadtrip..)

So, that being the criteria for what defines a job... I should move.

The company is waiting for their client to finance this project. Everything's more or less on hold until that check comes in, which will not happen until midway through April. Until then, I have a number of debts to pay off and no real source of income.

Yup. There's nothing more fun than an extended limbo.

I'm losing coherence fast. That's the only explanation for this:
    When you pole-vault successfully, they raise the bar. When you limbo successfully, they lower the bar.

    More people in this country limbo than pole-vault. I don't have statistics to support that statement, but you can extrapolate from the material requirements involved to confirm that it would be true. To limbo, you need but a single pole. To pole-vault, you need two. If someone mistakes your vaulting pole for a javelin, you can still limbo. On that basis alone, we know there has to be more limbo activity than pole-vaulting.

    So, isn't it odd that we've accepted "raising the bar" as a figure of speech "lowering the bar" could just as easily cover?

    I find it very odd indeed.

    Just one more example of the priviliged few ruining things for the many.
Okay, I sleep now.
Mar. 27th, 2001 11:21 am (UTC)
I am so glad I included that sleep deprivation warning. I don't remember typing any of that...
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