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I'm such a jerk.

One of my more annoying character flaws, which really makes people hate me, is that I can't bring myself to "take that back". An apology from me usually consists of an explanation of where I was coming from, and if appropriate, a statement that I didn't intend to hurt the other person. That's all.

Most people aren't looking for that, though. They want me to retract whatever offended them, when I obviously meant to say or do whatever I said or did.

When you decide to take responsibility for your actions, that kind of apology is a pretty serious breach of integrity.

Random Insight:
  • Christian philosophy is based on forgiveness.
  • Jewish philosophy is based on making things right.
  • I have no interest in begging forgiveness.
  • Most people I deal with have no interest in getting to the root of a misunderstanding.

    ...because they'd rather forgive me.
This explains a lot.

So, having had this epiphany, you'd think my life would be much easier, wouldn't you? I've got a basic understanding of where the conflict comes from, so I can avoid that conflict. Right?

Get real.

The rest of the world is wrong. I can't let that go.

We're basing interpersonal relations on a precept which effectively does away with sincerity.

...and I'm rebelling against a deeply engrained social norm.

I'm gonna die alone.
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