November 27th, 2006

self portrait (escher)

and the pants ran away with the iPod

It's never what you expect to go missing...

It's raining this morning, so today, "business casual" means two sweaters, a vest, and two jackets. If I could find my gloves, scarf and hat, I'd have donned those as well. I figure the sun'll come out by noon just to spite me, so for the rest of you, you're welcome.

Miraculously, there's not so much traffic, and enough busses to serve everyone. I won't say it's pleasant, but I thought I'd be be entirely miserable by now. It's good to be wrong.

I'm also pleased to confirm that my shoes are relatively water resistant. I somehow managed to avoid this test with my last pair, but they'd not have faired so well. A well justified expense, I'll say.

Anyway, this is my stop. Y'all have a lovely morning!
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